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Hockey Tarp

Hockey Tarp

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Stay safe on the ice with our Hockey Tarp! The Hockey Tarp features a cut-resistant neck and wrist protection made with Kevlar, allowing you to focus on your game without the fear of skate cuts. Lightweight and breathable, it keeps you protected and helps you look and perform your best. Use promo code "SPRING" for 30% off your order and the next time you take the ice go TARPS ON!! 

Hockey Tarps neck and wrist protection are tested and certified by the CRIQ Lab. 

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Product Disclaimer

While Hockey Tarps offer advanced cut-resistant technology, it is essential to note that no material can guarantee absolute protection against all potential cuts or injuries. Hockey Tarps are designed to minimize the risk of cuts, but it may not prevent all types of sharp objects from penetrating the fabric. Hockey Tarps are designed to protect from skate blades and are not tested on other objects such as chainsaws and power tools.