Our Mission

Pucktive, established in 2023, is committed to pioneering protective apparel solutions for the discerning hockey community. At Pucktive, our unwavering commitment is to enhance player safety during every game, ensuring peace of mind and confidence on the ice.

We are thrilled to unveil our premier product line, the "Hockey Tarp" – a precisely engineered long sleeve undergarment designed to provide unparalleled protection to hockey players' wrists and necks, safeguarding them against potential cuts from hockey skates.

Crafted with precision, Hockey Tarps feature strategically integrated Kevlar zones, positioned to provide optimal cut resistance precisely where it is most needed. With Pucktive, players can approach each game with assurance, knowing they are equipped with the pinnacle of protective innovation.

Join us as we redefine safety standards in the hockey industry. Elevate your game with Pucktive's Hockey Tarp and experience the epitome of protection and performance.

Product Testing

Our Hockey Tarp lineup has undergone rigorous testing at the CRIQ lab, accredited by Investment Quebec. The Hockey Tarp stands as the inaugural product to successfully pass the hockey skate cut test for both neck and wrist protection.

The testing protocol involved subjecting the protective zones to impact from a skate blade at various speeds, reaching up to 25km per hour, with a mass of 90kg. The Hockey Tarp's advanced cut-resistant technology effectively mitigated force dispersion, deflecting blades away from critical areas.

Leveraging these conclusive test results, we are actively pursuing BNQ certification, a pivotal step in our mission to introduce our cutting-edge protective solutions to the realm of minor hockey.

Personalized Products

At Pucktive we offer the option of custom number printing with our personalized Hockey
Tarps. Pick your favourite or team colours and take your hockey style to the
next level. When placing your Personalized Hockey Tarp order remember to enter
your number and desired colour in the special instructions box.